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Saving the earth 1 plastic at a time

Recycling has never been so easy

Reduce your carbon footprint on earth with our recycling services. Our eco-friendly team is making a strong effort to go green, and since we have so many plastic products, we knew that'd be a good place to start our project! Join us in making the world a cleaner place for future generations.


Instead of throwing away your used plastics, our reliable staff will gladly travel to your property and take them off your hands. You can arrange your weekly deliveries to coincide with your recycling schedule.

• Polystyrene: labeled with #6

• Polypropylene: labeled with #5

• High density polyethylene: labeled with #2

• No agricultural or greenhouse film at current time


Please bale or palletize related plastic containers. Remember to notate the bale when separating plastics by number. Pallets should be stacked 90 - 100 inches high. The heavier bale, the better!

Plastics are marked with recycle numbers

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